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The surface on the Ford brake rotors and discs is the auto part that the brake pads make contact with so your car or truck can be brought to a stop. The surface of the brake disc that maintains contact with the brake pads must be flat and smooth for the maximum amount of braking to occur. The first signal that there might be a problem with your Ford brake rotors or discs is a metal to metal grinding noise coming from the front wheel of the vehicle when the brake pedal is being pushed. This is generally just one at first, but if the problem is not addressed both will eventually be making metal to metal contact between the brake rotors and the backing plates of the brake pads. When a Ford owner hears this grinding sound, they should be aware that the brake rotors and discs are now having very thin grooves being cut into them. This will impair the braking potential of the vehicle and must be repaired. When the Ford car or truck has its next brake job, the owner should expect that the surfaces of the rotors and discs will have to be turned on a lathe to remove the grooves that have formed. If the grooves are too deep, or the rotors have already been turned too many times before, the discs might have to be replaced. This brake part has to be at a minimum thickness or higher so it can dissipate the heat of the braking action. During the turning of these brake parts, the wheel bearings should be inspected and be repacked with grease before they are re-mounted to the spindle of the Ford vehicle.