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The Lincoln Brake Rotors and Discs have two flat surfaces on them where the brake pads are forced against them so friction is created in stopping the vehicle. The surfaces of the brake rotors and disc have to remain smooth so they do not prematurely wear the brake pads when pressure is being applied to them when the Lincoln is being slowed down.

The most common way the Lincoln brake rotors and disc are damaged is when the regularly scheduled brake job is not preformed on time and the pads are totally worn out. This occurs when the solid metal backing plate, the brake pads are mounted, too comes in contact with the smooth surfaces of the brake rotors and discs. It is this action of metal to metal contact that grooves into the surfaces when force is being applied to the braking system by the driver of the Lincoln.

The driver will begin to hear this metal to metal contact by the loud screeching noise that will be coming from the wheel assembly where it is occurring. When this sound is heard, damage is being inflicted on the brake rotors and disc. The stopping potential of the vehicle will also be compromised since the amount of friction being created has been reduced. To repair the damage on the brake rotors and disc during the next brake job your Lincoln has, the rotors will have to be turned on a lathe. This shaves a portion of the rotor off so the smooth surface can be made once again on them. If this is not done, the next set of disc brake pads placed on the vehicle will wear out rapidly.