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The stopping power of the Mercedes-Benz disc brake rotors is what will keep you and your passengers safe when your vehicle needs to be brought to a standstill. This is the braking component that is directly connected to the wheels of the vehicle which forces them to stop turning. All brake rotors have a disc-like flat surface. This is the area of contact the brake pads are forced against and friction is created. It is this friction that slows the Mercedes-Benz down. Neither the disc brake rotors nor the pads are damaged during the braking process since the pads are made of a softer material than the rotors. What can cause damage to the brake rotors and discs is contact with the backing plate the brake pads are mounted to. This only occurs when the brake pads are worn down and there is no more material on them. If this situation occurs, the backing plate will then cut grooves into the disc brake rotor's flat surface causing damage to them on your Mercedes-Benz. To help prevent this situation from occurring, the Mercedes-Benz owner can be diligent in observing the condition of their braking system. By noticing when the rear reservoir in the master cylinder is getting low, the owner will become aware of just how much brake pads are left in the front brakes. This way they can schedule a brake job before any damage is inflicted on the Mercedes-Benz brake rotors and discs. It will reduce the costs of this routine repair procedure and be safer for the vehicle to be operating on the road. If damaging is happening then a grinding noise will be coming from the front of the vehicle.