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Bumper Pad Impact Strip

Aftermarket & OEM Bumper Pad Impact Strip

If your car, truck, or SUV is equipped with bumper pads they must be appropriately maintained to enhance the exterior appearance of the vehicle. These components accent the bumper assembly to create a unique design and they also serve a very important function as well. These components are designed to absorb minor impacts that could have a very negative effect on the front or rear bumper of the automobile. Over time they will wear due to the elements they are exposed to and must be replaced. In some situations they can become lose and at some point they may even fall off if this is not corrected in a timely manner. When bumper impact strips are not properly maintained it will result in a negative effect on the overall value of the car or truck.

Bumper pads are normally constructed utilizing a thick rubber durable material to function appropriately for the required application. Depending on the configuration of the bumper they can be one solid piece or several devices that work in conjunction to protect the bumper. In some situations they will incorporate chrome accents to enhance the appearance of them. These devices are strategically located to be the first contact point in the event of a collision. They will absorb minor impacts without being damaged that would damage the bumper assembly if it was exposed.

The difficulty level of replacing impact strips is dictated by the mounting method involved in the procedure. They may incorporate moulded clips that snap into holes in the bumper. In this situation you can carefully pry them away from the bumper using an appropriate tool. When they are attached with an adhesive product you may be required to use a heat gun to facilitate this process. You must clean the surface thoroughly before installing the new components.

When purchasing the new bumper pads you should keep in mind the importance of these devices and select the best quality product available. Bumper repair or replacement is very expensive and you need a durable OEM or aftermarket product that you can depend on. Car Parts Discount offers several options for these components and anything else you need to accomplish quality repairs on all of your vehicles.