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The installation of the Chevrolet Cabin Air Filter is a new feature on vehicles rolling off of the assembly line today. The cabin air filter is just one of the many components in and on your Chevrolet that are there for either health or safety reasons.

The shift towards a better environment for the passengers to be in when traveling in your Chevrolet was done in part to address the needs of those with allergies. This is where the cabin air filter comes into consideration. Most of these air flirtation devices are of a HEPA quality. That is to say they trap 99.97% of all particulates that are floating in the air down to the size of 3 microns. This makes it possible for the Chevrolet cabin air filter to trap the pollen dust and molds that are known to be floating around in the air at different times in the year.

Because the cabin air filter does such a good job at trapping the many minute particulates that are present in the air, it will become clogged in time and need to be cleaned or replaced. This is why it is recommended that an inspection of this air cleaning device be carried out on a routine basis. The frequency of this inspection should coincide with the quality of air your Chevrolet is driven in on a continuous basis.

If the cabin air filter is allowed to become fully clogged with the minute particulates, the stress on the blower motor will cause it to prematurely wear and not longer be able to push air through the passenger cabin. Remember it is cheaper and easier to clean or replace a filter than an electrical component like the blower motor.