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The installation of the Honda Cabin Air Filter on vehicles has now become standard for over the past decade. The cabin air filter is of a HEPA type that removes 99.97% of all particulates that are 3 microns or larger. This includes the molds and pollen particulates that cause the occupants of a Honda to sneeze. The location of the Honda cabin air filter is in the intake duct of the passenger temperature control system on the other side of the windshield for the passenger compartment. This makes it possible for fresh air to enter the system without all of the dangerous and annoying particulates to accompany the air flow into your Honda.

An inspection of the cabin air filter should occur on a monthly basis. This way the cabin air filter will never impede the flow of fresh air into the passenger compartment. For drivers that use a dirt or dusty road, the inspection of this filter might be performed on a weekly basis.

The danger of having a dirty o clogged cabin air filter in the intake of this system is the negative effects on the other components. The most damaging is the strain it places on the blower motor. With the air intake restricted on your Honda, the blower motor will have to work harder to push the air out of the vents in the passenger compartment causing it to prematurely fail in time. It will also put a strain on the duct work with the buildup of heat and cold air that is not being circulated properly.

A fresh and clean cabin air filter will be enjoyed by all occupants of your vehicle without them even knowing about it. This is one component that is the responsibility of the owner to not only know about, but to keep in proper operational status at all times.