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Hyundai Van Cabin Air Filter
A new Hyundai cabin air filter will be appreciated by all that travel with you. The addition of the cabin air filters on Hyundai vehicles is one of the new steps this automaker has taken to make traveling in their cars more pleasant by having cleaner air for passengers to breathe. The cabin air filters are now being manufactured to HEPA standards so even the smallest particles are being filtered out. This is a step that has been taken to reduce the amount of particulates (dust and histamines) inside vehicles when traveling on busy roads and highways. Since the Hyundai cabin air filters are relatively new, most owners are not even aware of their existence. Their location is in the intake vent for the passenger cabin temperature control system. Their exact location varied from model to model on Hyundai, but in general can be found on the top rear of the engine compartment near the wiper blades. Access can almost always be found in the rear of the glove compartment. Just like all filter elements, the cabin air filter has to be changed periodically for it to be effective. This frequency is determined by the condition of the vehicle's ambient environment, but annually is recommended. This way the air supply into the passenger compartment will be as clean as possible. A clogged or dirty cabin air filter will put excessive strain on the blower motor causing it to burn out over time. An indication this is occurring is when the air flow from the temperature control vents is reduced even when just the vents are open. Only replacing it can resolve this situation. The Hyundai owners need to know about all of the filter elements on their car and place each one on a periodical maintenance schedule to help ensure the longevity of their devices in their vehicle.