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To help occupants breathe easier the Lexus Cabin Air Filter has now become a standard feature on this luxury car brand. This new type of air filter for the passenger compartment is locate in the vent intake portal that is the air intake for the air condition, heater and defrost units in the cabin.

The level of clean air provided by the cabin air filter for your Lexus is in the classification of HEPA filters. This classification requires the filter unit to removal all particulates to a 99.97% which are 3 microns or larger. This level of filtration removes most if not all of the pollen and molds that are floating around in the air that people are allergic too. Because the Lexus cabin air filter cleans the incoming air so well, it does have to be periodically inspected and changed so the flow of air to the passenger compartment is not obstructed. The frequency cabin air filter inspection is dependent on the season and air quality the Lexus is constantly exposed too. The spring time is the dirtiest season and those Lexus driven on dirt roads are also exposed to additional air borne debris others do not encounter.

To properly inspect the cabin air filter it has to be pulled form its mount in the intake portal of the passenger compartment system. By holding it up to a light, some of the rays should be able to penetrate it and be visible to the inspector. If no light can penetrate the cabin air filter then the pores of the filter element are filled with debris and it should be replaced. If a dirty filter is permitted to remain in place for an extended period of time, the blow motor of the cabin temperature control system will become overtaxed and will prematurely wear.