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Like other similarly equipped luxury vehicles, there is a Mercedes-Benz cabin air filter equipped standard. It is designed to clean the air the driver and passengers breathe while traveling down the road. This is a HEPA filter which traps up to 99.6% of all particulates that are 3 microns or larger. The cabin air filter is located in the intake of the HVAC system for the passenger compartment. Access to this component is usually made from inside the glove box of your Mercedes-Benz. Since its only job is to stop and trap particulates that are larger than the diameter of the human hair, it will become clogged over time and require replacement. The need to replace your Mercedes-Benz cabin air filter really depends on the surrounding environment the vehicle operates in on a regular basis. In an urban setting, the cabin air filter removes many of the pollutants that most people are regularly exposed to. In a rural setting, it is mainly dust that is blow up into the air that is being removed. In either situation, the cabin air filter will have its pores clogged over time. The dirtier the air is that you travel through the faster it will need to be replaced. Depending on the model of Mercedes-Benz you own, the process of removing and replacing this air cleaning device will vary from a simple screwdriver to no tools at all. What is important is that the vehicle owner be aware of its presence. This is a new passenger compartment component that most owners are not even aware exists. For the comfort and improved health of the passengers and drivers of the Mercedes-Benz vehicles, the cabin air filter should be inspected on a regular basis so the air they breathe will be as clean as possible.