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The particulates the Toyota Cabin Air Filter removes from the air are done so for the comfort and health of the passengers of your vehicle. The cabin air filter is in the intake portal of the passenger temperature control system that is a relatively new part on Toyotas being produced today.

The level of cleanliness the Toyota cabin air filter cleans the air is at the same level used in hospitals. This level of air quality has all particulates of 3 microns or larger removed from the air to 99.97%. The specific name for an air filter of this level of cleanliness is the HEPA filter.

The nice thing about having a cabin air filter of the HEPA classification in your intake system is what it removes from the air. Not only is air born dust removed but also pollens and molds that cause allergic reactions in the respiratory systems of people who will be riding in your Toyota.

Because of the cleaning power of the cabin air filter to remove so many small particulates from the air, it will have to be regularly inspected and replaced. This will make it possible for the air to enter the passenger compartment unimpeded on a continuous basis. If this filter is allowed to become saturated with debris not only will the amount of air being introduced to the passenger cabin be reduced, but the force being exerted against the blower motor will cause it to prematurely fail.

The cabin air filter should be replaced on your Toyota at least on an annual basis. If the air quality of where the vehicle is driven in on a continuous bases is considered to be dirtier than average, this replacement procedure should occur more often.