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Proper vehicle alignment is required to facilitate the operation of the suspension on a vehicle and the adjustment process involves the camber and caster cam bolts. When a vehicle is not aligned correctly then excessive wear to suspension parts and tires will occur. Uneven or excessive wear to tires causes premature replacement and voids mileage based warranties. This situation also affects the ability to properly control the vehicle because it will have a pull to the left or right during vehicle operation. Suspension parts such as bushings will alter the positioning of the suspension alignment as they wear over time. When you need to fight with the steering wheel to make a car, truck, or SUV go straight down the road it can be very frustrating. A computerized alignment is required to correct this issue and adjustment points are needed to accomplish this. If camber cam bolts are worn, damaged, or not adjustable then they must be replaced to achieve the correct alignment of the vehicle. When not corrected as soon as possible then suspension and steering associated problems escalate into safety issues. Replacing caster cam bolts to accomplish proper automotive alignment will ease the ability to control the vehicle and increase the safety factor for you and your family.

Camber cam bolts are designed to create an adjustment point for camber and caster settings in the alignment process. They are normally the mounting for upper control arm assemblies. Some newer automobiles will incorporate control arms on all four wheels. Cam bolts have thick steel washers with an offset hole to allow them to function similar to a cam. As the washer is rotated it will move the control arm in or out to obtain the correct camber and caster settings. After the appropriate setting is obtained the bolts are secured tightly to maintain the required settings for proper vehicle alignment.

Replacement procedures for camber and caster cam bolts are based on the suspension design on the car or truck you are working on. The most common reason for replacing them is to establish an adjustment point for camber and caster settings. In most circumstances the factory installed bolts are a solid non-adjustable design so don't be alarmed if yours have a different design. You need to raise the vehicle and place it on jack stands positioned under the frame. Remove the tires to allow access to the camber bolts and evaluate the removal process. There should be two located on each side of the control arm and you must remove and replace them one at a time. After this is completed and everything secured properly the vehicle will require a computerized alignment to adjust them to the appropriate position.

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