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Aftermarket & OEM Camber Caster Kit

If you've ever done suspension work that involves changing the height of the suspension, the size of the wheels or tires, or certain types of repair, you know that in order to function properly, you need to have the vehicle aligned properly. There is a set of parts called a camber caster kit that will accomplish this for you. Basically, the kit consists of a bolt with an offset cylindrical portion and some hardware that offsets the geometry of the suspension by varying degrees. To understand how this kit works, it's helpful to understand what camber is in regard to vehicle alignment. Camber to measurement of how vertical (perpendicular to the road) the wheel sits normally. The ideal camber is 0 degrees, which is at a perfect 90 degree angle to the pavement. If you lower a car's suspension, the top of the wheels will tilt inward and cause negative camber. This will result in too much tire wear on the inner portion of the tread. If you raise the suspension, the top of the wheels tilt outward causing positive camber. This results in too much wear on the outside of the tread. The camber bolt kit brings the wheels back into zero camber alignment so the tread wears more evenly, and the wheels are once again perpendicular to the road, saving you money on tires and fuel.

The camber caster kit usually consists of a single bolt, with an offset diameter near the top of the bolt, and it is typically packaged with a nut, a washer or two, and possibly some other small hardware pieces depending on the application it is intended for. These kinds of parts have been in use since the beginning of the automobile and when aftermarket parts first began to be widely available to the public. It started in racing, as most aftermarket part designs do. They were developed because race car designers needed their vehicles to be more aerodynamic than their stock counterparts, so they would lower the suspension to decrease the overall wind resistance, but in doing so, they needed a camber bolt to make the suspension straight again.

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