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Aftermarket & OEM Camshaft Timing Gear Sprocket

If you are noticing that your timing has been unreliable lately, then you've probably had parts like your ignition control module or distributor, timing belt or chain, camshaft, and camshaft timing gears checked. In older engines, it is not uncommon to perform overhauls of your top end. After all, there are a lot of moving parts inside the cylinder head and crankcase; some are bound to get fouled up or wear down over time. And for the unfortunate few who did not keep up on regular maintenance of their timing system (usually every 60,000 to 90,000 miles), it is possible for the belt or chain to snap inside the timing cover. This will almost certainly affect other components as well. The most damaging of those catastrophes would be if the timing chain snaps and eats some of the teeth on the camshaft timing sprocket. If the chain or the camshaft are not properly lubricated, this will almost inevitably happen.

Your camshaft and crankshaft need to be precisely synchronized using a pair of gears connected by a chain or belt. Since your camshaft rotates only once and your crankshaft rotates twice in every four-stroke cycle, the camshaft gear is going to be much larger than the crankshaft gear. Engines with timing belts usually have wide cam gears to handle all the torque. Engines with timing chains will have sprockets with multiple rows. This makes them more durable, and also acts as a fail safe in case one link breaks. It is very important that the number of teeth on your replacement camshaft timing gear matches the number on your original. Otherwise, your ignition timing will be all off and you will have an engine that will not run.

Replacing the camshaft timing gears on an older engine is much easier than on a newer one. The components are usually all in front of the engine block, and there are fewer ancillary parts to remove in order to access the timing case. Still, no matter if you have an overhead valve or overhead cam engine, this will take some time and require patience and a good repair manual. OHC engines will likely also require the removal of the valve covers, as they tend to be integrated with part of the timing cover. While you are down there, remember to change the timing belt and tensioner as well.

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