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Carburetor Control Valve Diaphragm

Aftermarket & OEM Carburetor Control Valve Diaphragm

A failing carburetor control valve diaphragm is most common on older vehicles that have not done periodic maintenance that included the replacement of polymer components that are required to seal and move. This polymer diaphragm will fail over time due to the material it is made out of becoming dry and brittle leading them to cracking. When the carburetor control valve diaphragm has a crack or hole in it, the polymer sleeve can no longer be used to contain the vacuum necessary to move the piston in the carburetor which opens the value the driver is attempting to operate. This causes the engine to run rough or not run at all.

The carburetor control valve diaphragm is a very simple component made of a high dense polymer. It can be solid or have a metal piece, like a rod in the middle of it. Nearly all of them are in a circular layout and must be sealed to the carburetor control valve diaphragm housing to make sure this vacuum device will operate as designed. Each of these polymer components are made for a specific model and type of carburetor and cannot be used on any other brand or type of carburetor for any reason. The seal in the vacuum chamber must be made absolute for this value to function correctly in opening or closing the passageway it was designed to control.

The replacement of the carburetor control valve diaphragm requires the carb control value housing to be located with the top cover removed. The old polymer diaphragm must be removed. Special attention should be given the outer edge in the housing where the new carburetor control valve diaphragm will be put in place. This area must be clean and free of any old material, oil, dust or debris or the new component will not seal making the device inoperable.