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Clutch Alignment Tool

Aftermarket & OEM Clutch Alignment Tool

Some maintenance procedures will require special tools to accomplish the task correctly and a clutch alignment tool is one of those devices. If the clutch assembly on your car, truck or SUV is malfunctioning and requires replacement you will need this tool to complete the procedure. If you attempt to replace the clutch plate and throw out bearing without having the appropriate tools it is going to be a very frustrating process. The transmission shaft must be inserted smoothly to reinstall the tranny and this is accomplished by using the specific alignment tool for the application. If the alignment is not appropriate then damage to the clutch and associated components can occur.

A clutch alignment tool is basically a replica of the transmission input shaft to facilitate clutch installation. This device is inserted to align the clutch disc and hold it in place during pressure plate installation. After everything is secured appropriately then the tool can be removed prior to reinstalling the transmission. They incorporate a ring on the end of the tool so you can easily turn the device to line up the gear and it also assists in the removal process. Every tool is specific to tranny and clutch plate involved in the process and substitution is not an option to complete this successfully.