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Clutch Pedal Return Spring

Aftermarket & OEM Clutch Pedal Return Spring

A broken clutch pedal return spring will reduce the friction on the pedal and not permit the hydraulic pressure in the clutch system to drop to zero as recommended. Like all metal springs, this one can just wear over time. There are some newer models that have a power spring, but again just like the smaller clutch pedal return spring, it will wear out and can break from years of service. With excessive periods of time with hydraulic pressure on the system could lead to a leak on a seal in the hydraulic system that assists the movement of the clutch.

The clutch pedal return spring is located in the passenger compartment on the left pedal the driver uses. This metal coiled deice is designed to return the clutch pedal to it full disengaged position or totally up, so no pressure being applied to the hydraulic system. The clutch pedal return spring can be a simple metal spring or one that is encased in polymer housing. This type also pulls the clutch pedal up to the full disengaged position but with more force. Either way these springs relieves the hydraulic pressure in the system reducing the wear on it over the lifetime of the vehicle.

To replace the clutch pedal return spring requires the vehicle to be stationary. The simple pull type of spring just needs to be looped off the clutch pedal with a screw driver or other tool that can be used for prying. With the other push type of clutch pedal return spring, the casing is mounted under the dash and requires the mounting bolts to the casing to be removed. This spring can also be fitted into a slot on the clutch pedal which will have to be taken off for the component to be removed.