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The clutch on a manual transmission car or truck consists of a few different parts that work together. Everyone knows about the flywheel, pressure plate and the friction disc but a small part that often gets overlooked is the clutch pilot bearing, even though it plays a crucial role in the clutch system. This part is responsible for connecting the engine crankshaft to the manual transmissions input shaft. It allows the crankshaft and input shaft to rotate at different speeds when the clutch is engaged. A bearing that is starting to go bad will make a slight grinding or whining noise when the clutch is disengaged. One that has completely failed will make a very loud grinding noise. Continued use of a clutch with a bad bearing or bushing can lead to serious clutch problems and even transmission failure. You should always change the clutch pilot bearing whenever you replace your clutch.

The clutch pilot bearing on some vehicles is sometimes just a simple porous bronze pre-lubed bushing and not an actual bearing as the name implies. If it is a bushing it is made of sintered bronze which allows the material to soak up as much oil as possible. The oil is put into the sintered bronze material under a vacuum. The amount of pressure used when sintering the bronze determines how porous and how much oil it will be able to absorb. If it is an actual bearing it can be a roller, ball or needle type one.

Replacing a clutch pilot bearing that has gone bad can be a difficult task and might require the use of some special tools, that is why professional installation is strongly recommended. In order to get the bad bearing or bushing, you will first need to have access to the clutch, which will require removing the transmission from the vehicle. Your car or truck will have to be lifted in the air, preferably on a lift at an automotive repair shop, or if you decide to do it on your own please take extreme care in securing your vehicle properly on jack stands on a level flat surface. Once the transmission is removed away from the vehicle you will have to remove the flywheel and once that is removed you should be able to see the clutch pilot bearing. There are a few ways to remove the bearing or bushing but the easiest and safest way to remove it would be using a slide hammer bearing puller, also sometimes called an internal bearing puller. You might be able to buy or rent this special tool from a local auto parts store. Another method used for removal is packing the center with thick grease and using a dowel or something that fit snug in the center of the bearing and striking it with a hammer. This can take several attempts but the grease will be forced behind the bushing, forcing it out.

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