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When does your clutch slave cylinder need to be replaced?

If you attempt to shift gears in your vehicle or place it in gear and you notice that your clutch pedal feels soft or spongy, there is a system you need to check - your clutch slave cylinder. This cylinder is a hydraulic component that provides pressure for a hydraulic clutch to function properly. Sometimes cylinder failure even disables your clutch to the extent that you can't put your vehicle into gear at all. In the event that this problem exists and you can still drive the vehicle, it is not recommended because this could lead to permanent transmission damage - which can be very costly. What happens is the piston seals inside cylinder go bad, allowing air to enter the system making the clutch pedal feel weak and spongy. Start by looking to see if there are any obvious hydraulic fluid leaks because this is the most common way for a clutch slave cylinder to fail. Also you can tell by checking the hydraulic fluid level to see if it's low, which would indicate leakage is a problem. The key thing in this situation is the part needs to be replaced and you shouldn't attempt to drive it this way because this could result in an accident or breakdown on the side of the road.

How your clutch slave cylinder helps you shift gears.

New Clutch Slave CylinderClutch slave cylinders can be made of several different materials such as steel, aluminum or cast iron depending on the vehicle make and model. They can be mounted to the outside of the transmission or can be mounted internally, which is less common. Internal mounted cylinders require transmission removal, which is much more labor intensive. Hydraulic clutches have been around a hundred years and used on different industrial equipment and heavy duty trucks. Without a functioning slave cylinder, your clutch won't work properly.

D.I.Y. level of difficulty: 3 out of 5.

Having your clutch slave cylinder replaced at a professional automotive shop can be very expensive, but fortunately it's something you can do yourself. Most slave cylinders are simply mounted to the outside of the transmission with a few mounting bolts, making the replacement process quite easy. One of the most important things to remember before you start this project is to always use the proper tools and don't forget to use eye protection. You just remove and replace the slave cylinder, remembering to prime the new cylinder before installing it. After the installation is complete you will need to add hydraulic fluid and bleed the system to remove air trapped inside the hydraulic line. You may have to service and bleed the hydraulic system several times before the clutch pedal is firm again.

Good vehicles need good replacement parts.

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