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The Chevrolet coil spring is the suspension part that replaced leaf springs; an older style that was used on many cars in the past. It is the coil spring that absorbs the movement of the wheel so the frame and passenger compartment can enjoy a smoother ride over the road or terrain the Chevrolet is traveling on. This suspension part can be found in both the front and back of Chevrolet models, depending on just which model you are driving. On the front the Chevrolet coil spring is mounted between the lower and upper A-frames of the suspension system. The shock absorber is the part that helps to bring the action of the spring to a stop so the car does not continue to bounce up and down. In most instances the coil spring will last the life time of your car. If this suspension part is placed under extreme loads, it could break which would cause for it to be necessary to be replaced but this is very rare occurrence. You would also need to replace the coil spring on your Chevrolet if you decide to change the handling or ride height of your car. A stiffer spring will increase the cars handling ability but make for a rougher ride. A softer coil spring will give the riders in your vehicle a smoother ride but handling around corners will be negatively affected, especially at high speeds. Most drivers and owners of Chevys never have to worry about replacing this part of their suspension system unless the car is 20 to 30 years old. Then the integrity of the coiled action is reduced because of time and the stresses it has experienced in its lifetime. At that point, replacement would be warranted.