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The purpose of the Oldsmobile coil springs is to absorb the movement of the vehicle's body so the jarring effect of hitting an obstruction in the road is minimized. On all Oldsmobile vehicles, there are either two or four coil springs in the suspension system. Just as the name describes, the coil spring is a round metal bar shaped in a circular fashion that spirals upward. When this metal bar is compressed, it contains stored energy and possesses the ability to move in a controlled fashion while absorbing movement and making the ride of the vehicle smoother. This is cold rolled steel, so it should last the lifetime of your Oldsmobile. The only way a coil spring can break is if the load of the vehicle is too great for it and the metal snaps. This is a very rare occurrence and generally only happens on very old vehicles. If an owner desires to change the stiffness of the suspension system is another reason for the Oldsmobile coil spring to be changed. It can be stiffer for better handling or more relaxed for a smoother ride. The replacement of the coil spring on an Oldsmobile is not a simple task if the technician does not have the correct equipment. The spring is situated between the upper and lower A-frames. When in place it is under a load. It is the compression of the spring so it can be put in place that requires a spring compression tool. The tension on the spring is so great that no human can palace this load on the spring manually. The stiffer the spring, the greater the force required to compress it and the reason for the special tool to help complete this procedure.