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Pontiac coil springs are part of all independent front suspensions from that automaker. These are the suspension components that transfer and convert the harsh movement that the wheel creates when it passes over an obstruction in the road into a softer and more manageable movement for the chassis. The coil springs can be found between the upper and lower A-frames or around the upper portion of the shock or strut assembly. It is the flexibility of this suspension component that allows for a smoother ride for the passengers of your Pontiac. If they were not present, the ride would be similar to what most of us experienced in the little red wagons as children. The owners of a Pontiac can expect their coil springs to last just as long as the vehicle is operational. The coil springs are made from cold rolled steel that is flexible but extremely strong and durable. It is very rare that this material will snap or crack under normal operating conditions. If they do fail, most owners will have to have their vehicles towed to a repair shop for their vehicle to be fixed. The only difficult part of the replacement procedure of the Pontiac coil springs is the compression of the springs themselves. The amount of pressure required is greater than any two men can apply even with crow bars. Because of that extreme pressure a special tool is necessary that most owners to not possess. Another and more common reason for the replacement of the coil springs on your Pontiac is to change the ride of the vehicle when it is in motion. With a stiffer coil spring or one with a greater level of pressure contained in it will make the ride more rigid. This is the preferred setting for those looking to improve the handling of the vehicle while it is being maneuvered. It is also the type used for race cars.