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The Audi Control Arm Bushing is what helps to cushion the contact of this suspension device to the wheel assembly. The polymer makeup of the control arm bushing is designed for a long life but is susceptible to damage from the environmental conditions experienced by your Audi when it is on the road.

The control arm bushing is part of the lower wheel assembly support structure that prevents the lateral movement of the front wheel. The control arm itself is what has replaced the older style of A-frame from this area on your Audi. With the control arm bushing functioning as it was designed too, the lateral movement of the front wheel assembly is less than 1%.

When the Audi control arm bushing begins to fail the driver of the vehicle will feel a little less in control of the vehicle during a maneuvering procedure. Upon a visual inspection the of this suspension component, the polymer bushing could appear to have split or cracked due to the stresses exerted against it. A physical inspection is where the control arm is grabbed to see if there is any movement in it. Movement is a failure in the inspection. If the component fails either of these inspections, then the replacement of the part is advised on your Audi.

The replacement of the control arm bushing only requires the vehicle to be lifted in the air and the use of a simple set of wrenches. This repair procedure only takes 15 minutes and can be completed by the owner of the vehicle. If one side is found to be worn, the other side should also be replaced because it has been exposed to the same stress as the failing component and is more than liking in the same condition.