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The Cadillac Control Arm Bushing is the polymer grommet that securely holds the lower portion of the front wheel assembly in place on the front wheel drive vehicles of this auto maker. Because of the polymer makeup of this auto part, it will wear out in time from being used. The wear pattern will include the splitting, cracking and enlargement of the area on which it is holding the components in place it is connected too.

There is a Cadillac control arm bushing on each side of the front end when the Macpherson struts suspension type of system is utilized by the factory. This is the polymer grommet that connects the lower support beam to the wheel assembly. The play that is permitted of the control arm bushing is 1% or less. If the wear on this suspension component is greater than this, then it is considered to be worn and in need of being replaced on your Cadillac.

A visual inspection of the control arm bushing should be the first step in determining if this is the suspension component that is in need of replacement if a knocking noise is heard when encountering an obstacle on the road. This noise could be movement of the control arm as it hits the frame or the lower wheel assembly because of the worn control arm bushing. If the polymer grommet has a section missing or is cracked severely, then this suspension component on your Cadillac is in need of being replaced.

With a new set of control arm bushings on the front end of your Cadillac, the driver will feel an improved handling ability of their vehicle when they are maneuvering through traffic.