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There are many Chevrolet control arm bushings that are pressed into place. This makes it possible to replace it without the need to exchange the entire part when the polymer material is worn out. A control arm bushing on a Chevrolet is made of a special polymer that is designed and constructed to withstand the rigors of being placed in the suspension system of a vehicle. As with all parts that move on a car or are at junction points, the control arm bushing still wear out over time and it becomes necessary for them to be replaced. Each model for Chevrolet there is a specific number of control arm bushings that are necessary for the stability of the wheel hub. The Chevrolet control arm bushings will become worn over time and use, the play in the forward and backward movement of the wheel increases. This negatively affects the handing ability of the car. When the movement of the front wheels is greater that recommended by the specifications for the type of suspension you have on your vehicle, the control arm bushings should be inspected. If there are worn parts in the connecting joints, then they should also be replaced. This will help to provide for a more consistent level of handling. If just a few of these polymer parts are worn out then all of them should be exchanged for new parts. This will provide the driver with a consistent level of handling from both front wheels. As with all car owners, the Chevrolet owner is the one who decides just want level of handling they require from their vehicle. The better your car is at taking a sharp corner and the driver?s ability to control such an event can be the difference in avoiding an accident and becoming part of one.