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A set of Chrysler Control Arm Bushings can be found on front wheel drive vehicles made from this car manufacturer. The control arm bushings are located on the lower supporting device that is connected to the wheel assembly which has replaced the lower A-frame components that are common on rear wheel drive vehicles. The other end of the control arm is firmly mounted to the frame of the Chrysler.

Like all polymer components, the control arm bushings will tend to split and crack over time due to their exposure to the elements. The stress load exerted on them from the maneuvering of the Chrysler also takes it toll on the polymer causing it to wear. This wear is when the hole the mounting bolt fits through becomes enlarged and the control arm moves because of the ill fitting polymer component.

The inspection of the control arm bushings should be done both visually and physically. This allows for both types of wear patterns to be noticed if they are present. If just one of these inspections are found to have a positive result in where wear is noticed, replacement of these polymer suspension components should take place.

The replacement of the Chrysler control arm bushings can be done at home in a garage with a basic set of tools. Once the vehicle is lifted off of the ground with the wheels suspended, the control arms can be removed and new control arm bushing put into place. The weight has to be off of the wheels on your Chrysler so there is no load on these suspension components which makes it possible to line of the holes for the reattachment of them to your vehicle.