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It is the polymer makeup of the Lincoln Control Arm Bushing that prevents the metal to metal contact of control arm with the bottom of the spindle on your vehicle. The polymer control arm bushing fits securely in place until it cracks in time from being exposed to the environmental conditions on the road the Lincoln encounters.

The control arm bushing is a relatively new component on the front end of your Lincoln. This application is necessary with the new style of suspension system that utilizes a Macpherson strut instead of the older style that had shock absorbers and coil springs on them.

The control arm bushing is part of a suspension system that is smaller in size but improves in reducing the lateral movement of the front wheel assembly from two percent to only one. When the Lincoln control arm bushing is worn out the driver will notice the response in the maneuvering ability of the vehicle to be depreciated. If it is so worn it falls off, a metal to metal banging noise might be heard when the vehicle is being maneuvered. In either instance it has to be replaced so the vehicle will be stable once again when traveling down the road.

The replacement of the control arm bushing does not require much time or any special tools to complete. The front wheels have to be suspending by lifting the Lincoln into the air. The nut has to be removed from the end of the control arm where it is attached to the spindle. The old one is then removed and the new bushing put into place. Once the repair is completed the driver will notice the handling characteristics of the vehicle to be improved.