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The polymer Mercedes-Benz Control Arm Bushing is one of the reasons the ride in your luxury vehicle is so quite. The control arm bushing is the cushion between the control arm and where it is mounted to the lower front wheel assembly near the spindle of your Mercedes-Benz.

This control arm bushing is not only in place to quite the contact of these two components but to also provide for just a little give in the lateral movement of the front wheel assembly. If upon a visual inspect of this suspension component the polymer is seen to be split or cracked excessively, then a physical inspection should be conducted on it. This requires the Mercedes-Benz to be raised into the air with the wheels suspended. By grasping the control arm, if it can be moved the control arm bushing is bad and should be replaced.

If when driving your Mercedes-Benz and the maneuvering of the vehicle appears to be loss or sloppy then control arm bushing might be worn and an inspection should be conducted to verify this as the faulty component. If you hear a banging when traveling around a corner, it is almost a certainly that it is part has failed and replacement is warranted.

The replacement of the Mercedes-Benz control arm bushing does not require any special tools to perform. A simple set of wrenches will suffice along with the ability to lift the vehicle into the air with the wheels suspended. The total time per side should not be more than fifteen minutes if the nuts are not rusted in place. Taking off of the old rusted nuts can make use of a torch just as long as care is taken not to damage any other component in the same area.