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It is the polymer component of the Oldsmobile control arm bushing will tend to wear out over time requiring this suspension part to be in need of replacement. The control arm bushing on an Oldsmobile is the section of this component that cushions the connection between the arm and another part on the vehicle. When it is new, the control arm limits the lateral movement of the wheel to 1% or less. As it wears and the grommet changes its shape, this tolerance level increases. The other end of the control arm is connected to the frame of the vehicle and usually, but not always, has a solid metal to metal contact point. For those Oldsmobile models with a control arm bushing located there, the amount a play at that junction should also be inspected. An inspection of the Oldsmobile control arm bushings is best done when the load is taken off of this suspension component. To accomplish this, the vehicle must be lifted into the air with the wheels suspended. The use of roll on ramps will be the same as if the vehicle was still on the pavement. Once this is done the inspector has to physically grasp the control arm and determine the amount of play and rotation of the auto part. This is how a determination can be made if the control arm bushing is worn and in need of being replaced. If the play is excessive then the control arm bushing should be replaced while the vehicle is suspended in the air. If the Oldsmobile is on the pavement, the replacement will be difficult or not possible because of the load on this suspension system.