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The Pontiac control arm bushing is one of the newer polymer grommets now being fitted to front-wheel drive cars and other vehicles with independent suspensions. It is just one of the many suspension components that have replaced the older style A-frames when Macpherson struts and CV axles were invented. The location of the control arm bushings are where the control arm is connected to the bottom of the steering knuckle and where it is connected to the frame of the vehicle on some Pontiac models. The advantage of this newer style of suspension system is that the lateral movement of the front wheel has been reduced to only 1%. The coil spring and shock absorbers have also been replaced with a Macpherson strut; allowing for a greater amount of mobility and control. As the control arm bushing wears, it will split and crack from the pressure being exerted on it from the maneuvering of the vehicle by the driver. The center area of the control arm bushing will also increase in size and make the connection of the control arm loose. This will increase the lateral movement of the front wheel on the Pontiac that can be felt in the steering wheel. It will be the feeling of less control over the vehicle while it is being maneuvered. An inspection of the Pontiac control arm bushings is simple to accomplish. With the weight of the vehicle removed by lifting it off of the ground, all an owner has to do is grasp the control arm and notice if they can move it. If they notice play in the control arm bushing, it is time to replace that suspension component. If one side it worn and is in need of replacing, the other side should also be done at the same time since it would have experienced the same level of stress as the part that is worn out on your Pontiac.