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The placement of your Audi Control Arm is in a very specific location so the forward and backward motion of your wheel is controlled to within a degree of play. When the control arm on your Audi is functioning properly, the cornering and overall handling of your automobile is at its best.

Presently, there are dozens of different models of Audi automobiles on the road. That means that there are hundreds of different specific types of control arms. Depending on their fit and function, they may or may not be interchangeable with other models and/or positions. This is at times visually understandable since they can be built as wishbones, A-arms, radius arms, or straight.

This suspension part for the many different production models from this German auto maker is depending on the model you drive. Some models only have two different control arm configurations. This is in contrast to the many types of Quattro models which can have dozens of different styles and configuration in place covering the many years of that model's production life.

Select Your ModelBecause there are so many different types and styles of Audi Control Arms, each owner should know his car or ask the mechanic for the old parts so they will become familiar with them. This is your right as the owner of the vehicle. All parts taken off of your Audi are yours and should be given to you upon request. The only time you cannot keep them is if you are replacing the component with a rebuilt part in which the core has to be returned to the shop. A control arm is not such a part and you have the right to not only see it but take it home with you if you desire to do so.