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The stability the Dodge Control Arm provides an increase in the stability of the vehicle while it is going straight down the road and while it is being maneuvered in traffic. The control arm on your Dodge's front end is located at the lower section of the wheel assembly.

The Dodge control arm has replaced the lower A-frame assembles that were on the older rear wheel driven vehicles. There are several reasons for the installation of this newer style of suspension component. One of them is the control arm is much smaller than the A-frame assemblies. They also control the lateral movement of the wheel assemble to less than 1%. The A-frame style of suspension system had a tolerance of 2%. Because they are smaller and provide more control over the lateral movement of the wheel, it is the preferred choice to be used on front wheel drive vehicles.

One end of the control arm is attached to the frame of the Dodge while the other is near the spindle in the front wheel assembly. The end on the wheel assembly has a polymer grommet to help cushion this connection. This polymer grommet will wear out in time from the lateral stresses exerted upon it along with the environmental conditions the component is exposed to on a constant basis. When this grommet is worn, a clucking sound can be heard coming from the front wheel assembly on your Dodge.

The procedure for replacing the control arm only required the vehicle to be lifted into the air with the wheels suspended. Then the suspension component can simply be unbolted and the new one installed. There is no adjustment to make so once it is bolted into place the vehicle is ready to be driven on the road again.