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The Ford control arms are part of the independent front suspension many models of this car maker now produces. The typical set of control arms on Ford models consists of upper and lower arms connected to the suspension system.

The appearance of a control arm is nothing more than a bar, wishbone, or A-frame with a ball joint at one end with a stud coming from it. It is the ball joint connection that permits the front wheel to move up and down independently and is the part of this component that tends to wear out. The other end is connected to the frame of the Ford vehicle.

The frequency of the Ford control arms wearing out is determined by the type of driving the car or truck experiences along with the road condition they have to endure. The greater the stress placed on the control arm and its connections, the faster they will wear and need replacement. To test the wear on this suspension part the owner will have to determine if the play in the ball joint is excessive by grabbing it and seeing just how loose it is at the ball joint. The driver will also notice less control over the car when traveling down the road because of excessive play in the steering wheel. This is both while cornering and driving in a straight line.

Select Your ModelBecause they come in pairs, if one of the control arms is wore and needs replacing on one side of your vehicle it is advisable both of them are replaced. The other side of your Ford should also be checked for excessive wear and replacement if they are in or near the same condition as the ones being replaced.