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The Honda control arm is the suspension component that has made it possible to limit the forward and backward movement of the front wheels from 2% to 1%. This is the suspension component that has replaced the older style of mounting of the wheel to the spindle called the A-frames.

This new component was developed so that shocks and struts could be incorporated into the front suspensions on Hondas. The control arm is connected to the bottom of the spindle and has polymer bushing on this connection. There are some Honda models that have the control arm connected to the spindle component with a ball joint. The wear on this suspension component can be the cracking or splitting of the bushings or the ball joint has excessive play in it. This excessive play is up or down movement along with side to side movement of the ball joint in its socket. If this is noticed, replacement of this suspension component is recommended.

The replacing of the Honda control arm is an easy procedure to carry out. The load should be taken off of the suspension by lifting the vehicle into the air. Then, with the wheels suspended, the control arm can be removed and replaced. In some cases, it may take longer to prepare the Honda than it does to replace this suspension component.

Select Your ModelIf the control arm is worn and not replaced on your vehicle, the forward and backward movement of the front wheel will damage other components in this area of your vehicle. This can include but not limited to the CV axle joint, shock or strut, and its mounts. If any of these other components are damaged then the price of repairs to your vehicle will rise.