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With a properly functioning Mazda Control Arm in place the lateral movement of your front wheel assembly will be less than 1%. The control arm is the suspension component on your Mazda that has replaced the older style of system that utilized A-frames in the lower and upper sections of the wheel assemblies.

The need for a new style of suspension system on your Mazda was due to the use of the front wheel drive utilized on many of the vehicles made by this car manufacturer. The control arm requires less space to operate to perform its required duties. From an owner's point of view, it is also easier to replace than the older A- frame components.

The Mazda control arm is connected to the frame of the vehicle at one end and the lower wheel assembly near the spindle on the other end. The section on the wheel assembly has a polymer grommet on it. This helps to cushion the movement of the wheel assembly. It will also wear out over time as the polymer degrades. An inspection of the control arm should include both a visual one looking for splits or cracks in the polymer. A physical inspection requires the control arm to be firmly grasped to see if it can be moved in any direction by the inspector. If either of these inspections results in a failing result the suspension component should be replaced.

On your Mazda if this suspension component fails an inspection for one side, the component on the other side should also be replaced at the same time. This will improve the handling characteristics of your vehicle so the driver will have an easier time maneuvering in traffic.