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To help limit the movement of the wheel assembly is the Mercedes-Benz control arm. This is a suspension component that is located at the bottom (and sometimes the top) of the wheel assembly which limits the back and forward movement to less than 1%.

The control arm on the front of your Mercedes-Benz is connected to the frame of the vehicle and the bottom of the spindle. At both ends, for most models are the presences of polymer grommets that help to cushion the metal to metal contact of these components. This reduces the noise that could possibly be generated from them. In time it is the polymer grommets that will split and wear over time requiring them to be replaced.

An inspection of the control arms is recommended periodically so these suspension components will not fail while you are driving your Mercedes-Benz. This inspection can be done visually by checking for any cracks or splits in the bushings. You can also grab the control arm and attempt to move it forcefully. If so, consider replacing this component.

From a driver's perspective, worn control arms will make their presence known through excessive noise, vibration, and harshness while their Mercedes-Benz is in motion. It will also be coupled with a lack of total control of the vehicle since the turning action is less responsive.

Select Your ModelThe replacement of worn Mercedes-Benz control arms does not require any special tools, but experienced mechanics will find the job easier than a beginner. It is advisable is to replace both of them, one on each front wheel assembly, at the same time. The logic behind this is that both have been on your vehicle for the same period of time and if one is worn, the other will be in a similar condition.