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With the Volkswagen control arm operating as designed, the lateral movement of your front wheel assembly will be limited to an extremely small amount. This is an important factor since this is the main support for the lower section of the front wheel assembly, and it would be damaging and distracting if too much play is allowed. When the bushings in the control arm are worn, the movement increases which will negatively impair the vehicles ability to maneuver as expected in traffic.

The control arms on your Volkswagen are on both sides of the front on your vehicle. They are connected to the frame of the vehicle and the wheel carrier and steering knuckle. This is the suspension component that has replaced the lower A-frame so the Macpherson strut suspension system can be put into place.

As with nearly every suspension component, the Volkswagen control arms will wear out in time; reducing their ability to control the movement of the front wheel assemblies. In most instances it is the polymer bushings at its contact points to the wheel assemblies and the frame of the Volkswagen that wear. These polymer components tend to split and crack in time from the stresses that are exerted against the control arm.

Select Your ModelThe driver of the vehicle will notice something is wrong with their suspension system when the steering seems to be sloppy and less control is felt in the steering wheel when they are turning or cornering. This can be many things including worn out control arms. If this condition is noticed and one of these suspension components is found to be worn out, then the one located on the other side of the Volkswagen should also be replaced at the same time. This will return the feeling of control when maneuvering to the driver of the vehicle.