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The ability to limit the lateral movement of the front wheel is provided by the Volvo Control Arm. This suspension component is used in front wheel drive vehicles so there is space for the drive component to operate. The control arm provides the same functional support to the front wheel as the older style of A-frame that was used in the past by rear wheel drive vehicles made by Volvo.

The Volvo control arm is connected to the lower section of the spindle in the front wheel assembly. The other end is bolted to the frame of your Volvo. This suspension component limits the lateral movement of the wheel to less than 1% when it is functioning properly. What cause the control arm to fail in time are the polymer bushings that are on the connection it has when it is mounted to the spindle.

Over time from exposure to the elements and the stresses placed on it, the polymer sections of the control arm bushings will tear, crack and the hole on which they are mounted too will become enlarged. If and when any or all of these conditions are present in this front wheel assembly suspension component of your Volvo, the lateral movement can increase to beyond the 1% tolerance it was permitted by the engineers. This is when this suspension component should be replaced.

The replacement procedure has to be accomplished with the weight of the vehicle removed from the wheels. This will remove the pressure that is placed against the control arm so it can be removed and the new one put into place with the ends aligning up properly. If the vehicle is on the ground, the aligning of the holes might be difficult or impossible to accomplish.