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Aftermarket & OEM Coolant Water Outlet Gasket

There comes a time in any coolant hose, thermostat, or radiator replacement when you need to put in a new coolant water outlet gasket. This is the seal that joins the union between the water neck (where your thermostat is housed) and the intake manifold. In older engines, both the intake manifold and the coolant outlet were metal; so the gasket that sealed them was either cork and pulp or multi-layered steel. Now, the thermostat housing may be plastic. So too can be the intake manifold. That means that the coolant water outlet gasket could be silicone. In some instances, a solid gasket isn't even used. A tube of liquid sealant can be used instead.

As long as engineers have been using liquid-cooling configurations, a thermostat was installed in the place where hot coolant exited the engine and would be sent to the radiator. That special compartment has been called the water neck, coolant outlet, water outlet, and more. And during that whole time, a gasket was needed to keep coolant traveling in the direction it is supposed to. The coolant water outlet gasket is crucial in maintaining a proper level of liquid coolant in your engine. This will also ensure your engine reaches and stays at its optimum operating temperature without any bad side effects or problems.

Installing a coolant water outlet gasket is one of the simplest jobs you can perform. As long as you can locate the outlet, you can replace the gasket.
  • First, find the upper radiator hose and follow it back to the engine.
  • Then, unclamp it from the pipe it is attached to. That will be your coolant outlet or thermostat housing.
  • Next, unbolt the outlet from its location (this could vary from vehicle to vehicle).
  • At this point, you will see leftover gasket material on the outlet as well as the intake manifold, water pump, or engine block that it was mounted to. You will need to scrape off all of this leftover material before installing a new coolant water outlet gasket.
  • Now, put your new gasket in the old one's place and bolt the housing back down.
  • Finally, replace all the other components you removed. Hopefully this fixed the leak.

When it comes to small pieces like coolant water outlet gaskets, don't just get the cheapest parts you can find. It is important to get the job done right the first time, and that's why Car Parts Discount offers nothing but the best original and reproduction water outlet gaskets you can find anywhere.