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How can you tell when your cooling fan assembly is dead?

Just because your engine's cooling fan assembly isn't working doesn't mean that it's broken. Usually, your temperature warning light on the dashboard or instrument cluster will warn you that the potential for overheating is imminent. If so, make it a habit to check your cooling fan and make sure it turns on when operating temperature is reached. You can do this by simply turning your car on for a few minutes while it warms up, and watching your temperature gauge rise. When it hits the middle mark, the fan should be turning on soon to regulate temperatures. If it passes the middle without the cooling fan turning on, you've got a problem. Often times, electrical problems such as a bad temperature sensor, frayed wire harness, or broken connector can interrupt the circuit that makes this system possible. It is important to properly and thoroughly test all the electronic components in this system to determine which one is the cause. And if the cooling fan isn't turning on at the right times, then you will experience frequent overheating. This is a serious problem, as it can lead to blown gaskets, melted coolant hoses, or a cracked cylinder head.

The cooling fan assembly: an improvement in efficiency.

New Engine Cooling Fan AssemblyEngine cooling requires a constant supply of fresh air. Your radiator cooling fan draws air past the fins of the radiator core to lower the coolant temperature that will circulate through the engine. The first cooling fans were belt driven, and rotated along with the crankshaft whenever the engine was running. This was very easy to engineer, but put an unnecessary load on the engine robbing it of some power and decreasing fuel efficiency. But technology has helped make engine cooling more efficient, and now our cooling fans are powered electronically. This system does not use any of the engine's power, but creates some of its own complications. There are a great many parts working together to keep that fan running when it's supposed to be, and not running when it's not supposed be. It receives a signal from a coolant temperature sensor when the engine is running too hot, and it turns the cooling fan assembly on.

Easy to moderate difficulty for almost anyone.

Most of the time, your cooling fan assembly will be housed inside a plastic shroud that mounts directly to the radiator or core support. That makes it easy to remove and change since there are fewer parts to remove. In some instances, you may have to drain the coolant and remove the top and bottom radiator hoses to get to the fan. If you have a pusher fan (located in front of the radiator), then you may need to remove your grille or front bumper cover for ease of access. Remember; since your cooling fan is an electronic component it is wise to always disconnect the battery before performing your installation.

The best engine cooling parts online.

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