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If the temperature gauge on your vehicle is running a little higher than normal you may have a defective cooling fan blade creating this situation. They must function properly to provide the correct volume of air for the coolant system to work efficiently. If this situation is not corrected as soon as possible then serious engine overheating conditions may occur. When a motor overheats several components are adversely affected due to this condition. Excess heat is an engine's worse enemy because it creates a huge amount of unwanted stress to a large variety of devices causing them to fail prematurely. Cooling fan blades can become worn or damaged over time reducing their effectiveness and this requires immediate attention to avoid extensive repairs such as a blown head gasket. This is a very extensive as well as expensive repair requirement that can be avoided by the accomplishment of more simplex repairs completed in a timely manner. The list of possible malfunctions created by a motor that is not maintained at the appropriate operating temperature is endless. Replacing a defective cooling fan blade through early detection is vital to eliminate the possibility of extensive repair requirements and even engine replacement.

Cooling fan blades are designed specific to each application depending on the requirements that must be met on the car, truck or SUV. Traditionally, back in the day, fan blades were made out of tin that were manually operated by the crankshaft of the engine pulling air through the radiator to accomplish a decrease in coolant temperature. The development of front wheel drive vehicles with a transverse engine design created the requirement for the electronic cooling fans. Composite and plastic cooling fan blades were implemented to increase the volume and efficiency. Cooling fan blades have come a long ways over the years to accomplish a very important task.

Replacing cooling fan blades can vary in several different aspects depending on the car or truck the repair is being accomplished on. Most belt driven fan blades aren't too difficult to replace. The hard part is to uncover them to allow access by removing the fan shroud and any other obstructions. Once everything is out of the way you must evaluate the situation to determine the appropriate removal technic. They can be mounted in several different fashions determined by the vehicle manufacture. In most circumstances where an electric cooling fan is involved in the process the fan assembly must be removed from the automobile to replace the fan blade. This requires you to remove several obstructions or components in most cases to achieve proper access. After the new cooling fan blade is installed you should check the coolant and service it to the cold level.

When buying a replacement cooling fan blade it must meet or exceed the OEM specifications to achieve an adequate amount of air volume to accomplish sufficient cooling. Proper engine cooling protects the motor and other vital components from wear or damage due to excessive heat. Car Parts Discount has a wide variety of OEM and aftermarket cooling fan blade options for you to select from. The convenience of online shopping saves you time and money in the long run. CPD not only provides the best quality automotive replacement parts, they also provide the best quality service and affordable prices.