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Keeping your engine at the proper operating temperature is a top priority, and one of the principal engine components that accomplish this task is the cooling fan motor. Engine overheating is one of the main causes of engine failure and extensive repairs such as head gasket replacement. This can be prevented by making sure your cooling system is functioning properly. You should always monitor your temperature gauge while driving down the road because this is a visual indication that you may have an issue that needs immediate attention. Sometimes your engine may even smell hot if there is a problem. Cooling fan motors must be in serviceable condition at all times, because without it working properly it is impossible for the engine to be cooled properly. Early detection is vital to the prevention of serious damage to other cooling system parts and the motor. If the fan motor is worn it can sometimes work slower making this very hard to detect. If the fan motor itself is getting very hot during operation, then it is faulty and should be replaced to insure proper operation of the engine cooling system. When an engine is allowed to overheat for an extended period of time it can cause a very long list of possible malfunctions and must be corrected without delay.

The cooling fan motor is responsible for operating the radiator fan blade that pushes air though the radiator fins; cooling the antifreeze as it circulates through the cooling system. This is a basic electric motor that is turned on and off at predetermined temperatures to maintain the accurate operating temperature of your engine. Power is provided to the cooling fan by temperature switches or the engine control unit (known as the vehicle's computer or ECU) depending on the vehicle. Cooling system control circuits vary on how they function but the end result is that they provide power to the cooling fan motor as required.

Replacing a cooling fan motor is different depending on the vehicle, but it normally has a relatively low difficulty level and can be done by the average do-it-yourself person.
  • The easiest way to do this is to remove the entire fan assembly and housing so you can disassemble it on a work bench. Most cars and trucks have a one piece system that houses the fan and motor and can be removed as a unit.
  • Be careful when removing the electrical connections because they have retaining clips that can be damaged very easily, and they are what make the connection secure and water tight.
  • After you have it on the bench then this allows you complete access to accomplish this task. You can now remove the cooling fan motor and take off the fan blade.
  • Then you install the fan blade on the new motor and put everything back into place making sure all components are secured properly.

Electrical components that operate within safety circuits like a cooling fan motor does are essential to protect your engine from severe damage or even failure. You must make sure that you use only the best quality replacement parts available. It's also important that these parts meet all OEM specifications such as the ones you can purchase from Car Parts Discount. CPD has the best parts, service, and prices to satisfy all of your automotive requirements. Remember that all replacement parts like cooling fan motors are depended upon every day.