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If you have a problem with a crankshaft pulley that has failed then you also have a problem with a lot of the other engine accessories on your vehicle. This is the main pulley on your car or truck that supplies power to other systems in your engine, so if fails, all the other systems that it powers will also stop working. Its responsible for powering systems like your air conditioning, alternator and power steering so replacing the crankshaft pulley as soon as it has failed is extremely important because all these systems will stop working at the same time!

The crankshaft pulley is usually a two piece design, a central hub and an outer ring with a rubber insert in between them. If this part needs to be replaced it is probably due to the rubber deteriorating from general wear and tear. The crankshaft pulley is mounted at the end of the crankshaft and its main job is to turn the drive belts that operate all of the engine's accessories. On certain vehicles, this part also acts as the harmonic balancer. Different sizes are available so it is important to get the correct one for your vehicle.

On most vehicles replacing a bad crankshaft pulley should be left to a certified mechanic. It will usually require the removal of a few other engine parts or you may need to lift the engine completely out of the car, just to have access to it. A special pulley puller should be used to remove the old part because if you try to just pry it off you can damage the crankshaft. It is recommended that you also replace the crankshaft pulley bolt at this time.

If your crankshaft pulley is not longer functioning properly then your air conditioning will not work in the summer. Performing a simple turn will become difficult because your power steering will also not be working. Make sure all these systems are working properly by immediately replacing it with a new crankshaft pulley from Car Parts Discount. We carry a large selection of part from brands you can trust and with our low pricing you can rest assured that you are getting a great part at a great price!