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How can you tell if your CV boots are torn?

If you notice that your car or SUV has a mild humming or clicking noise coming from the wheels while you are driving, be sure to check your CV joints before the problem gets any worse. This could be a warning sign that you need to do some preventive maintenance. This includes inspecting your CV joint boots to see if they are torn or damaged, and require replacement. These boots are rubber covers that protect your CV joints from the elements, such as dirt and moisture. If the boots are torn or damaged in any way, your strong but delicate CV joints will be exposed to the elements, causing excessive wear which leads to mechanical failure. Fortunately it's a lot more cost effective to replace the boots then to replace the complete half shaft assembly. Depending on the car or truck and what type of drive train you have, the half shaft assemblies can be very expensive, particularly if you have an all-wheel drive or a four wheel drive vehicle. But, the cost of a new CV joint boot is pretty economical and you can often replace it yourself if you have the skills and equipment.

What does a CV boot do?

New CV Joint Boot KitsA CV joint boot is made of flexible rubber so they can stand up to different weather conditions and protect the actual CV joint from water, sand and other contaminants. The boots also retain heavy grease to greatly reduce CV joint wear. Before the development of the modern day half shaft assemblies, most vehicles were driven by open drive shafts with universal joints that had to be replaced often. These drive shafts were poorly protected from the elements, which often led to excessive wear and tear. So, we have come a long way by implementing the development of CV joints.

Save time and money. Do it yourself.

Having CV joint boots replaced at a professional automotive shop can be very expensive due to all of the applicable labor cost, but it's not that difficult to do yourself if you're an experienced shade tree mechanic. You need to raise the automobile and place it on approved jack stands to complete this task properly and safely. Most vehicles do not have enough ground clearance to replace the boots while resting on the ground. But, of course there will be some exceptions to this with larger trucks. You'll have to remove the tire to give you sufficient access to the CV axles. After that you need to remove any metal clamp straps that are keeping the CV joint boot in place and then cut the boot to remove it. While the boot is removed you need to clean and lubricate the CV joint with the recommended lubrication. Then you install the replacement boot and secure it properly per the manufacturer's instructions.

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