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Any time your drive wheels are connected to an independent suspension, you can count on CV joints being bolted to your differential. They allow two rotating shafts to maintain the same speed while changing elevations and angles. Without this part, your entire car would react when you hit an obstacle or bump on just one side. And if your CV joints were once working but now broken, you'll definitely hear and feel it. Since they are made up of several large ball bearings rolling around a pumpkin gear enclosed by a race, the noise and vibration that would emanate from a broken one would not go unnoticed. However, it is not just a simple inconvenience that one can put off repairing. No; this will lead to driveline damage as well as the potential to completely lose control of your vehicle. After all, the CV joint is attached to an axle, so your drive wheel would be affected.

Constant velocity joints were born from the concept of universal joints, with some improvements of course. In 1926, Alfred Rzeppa created a constant velocity joint that could accommodate between 45 and 54 degrees of articulation when the driver made a turn or hit a large bump. Without these kinds of CV joints, we could not have the front wheel drive cars that we have today. They are definitely more vulnerable than live or solid axle shafts. They need to be constantly lubricated, and the joint boot that keeps the grease in also keeps dirt and debris out. If it is ripped or comes off, then the integrity of the ball bearings or the cage that holds them is in jeopardy.

Changing a CV joint can be either really easy or really difficult depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Some automakers have made proprietary tools a requirement in order to remove and replace some of their driveline components. In cases like that, you will have to go to an authorized mechanic. But for most applications, you can pull the half-shaft and unbolt the flange from the differential using common tools. Almost all replacement CV joint kits will come with everything you need to install it; including new hardware, a new boot with clamps, and grease. When you remove your existing axle you can see how the old joint is assembled. Simply replicate that process when installing your new one.

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