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The sealing power of the Acura Cylinder Head Gasket is one of the many things that separate this car from the others on the road. With this component fully operating is how the power plant under the hood of your Acura not only performs as designed but looks great doing so.

The cylinder head gasket set is the barrier between the cylinder head and the block of the Acura engine. This joining of engine components requires a gasket that can perform three different functions at the same time. This is to keep separate the oil, coolant and area where the compression is generated separate from each other.

The most obvious and common problem with the Acura cylinder head gasket set is when the coolant and a compression chamber from one of the cylinders has a break in its containment. The external symptoms of this breach can be identified when a large amount of white coolant vapor is billowing out of the tail pipe when the engine is running. The exact location of this breach in the cylinder head gasket set has to be located once the engine is torn apart so the surface area of the block and head can be inspected for pitting. The longer the engine operates with a blow head gasket, the greater extent the damage being done to the surface areas of these adjoining engine components.

Other symptoms of your Acura having a blown cylinder head gasket set include coolant in the engine and excessive pressure in the crank case. The greatest damage of this condition is the coolant in the engine oil. This will damage the bearings if left unattended for an extended period of time.

If you suspect you have a blow cylinder head gasket set, look for the symptoms. If any of them are present then have an engine repair procedure done as soon as possible.