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The new style of Buick cylinder head gasket sets keeps oil and coolant in their place better than ever before. The polymer component of the cylinder head gasket resists being penetrated by fluids significantly better than the old style cork gaskets that were used for decades in the past. Since the oil and coolant will be kept on the inside of the engine, the outward appearance of your power plant will remain looking better for a longer period of time. One of the reasons the Buick engineers began to use the new type of cylinder head gaskets on their automobiles is to help protect all the sensors and wires that connect them to the onboard computer. Oil that leaks from your Buick engine attracts dirt and other contaminants anywhere it is present. This could cause a sensor to malfunction that will negatively affect your engines performance. This is an additional reason for every car owner to not only keep the outside of their vehicle clean but also the engine compartment. The Buick cylinder head gasket sets include with them not only the cylinder head gaskets but also the intake gasket, exhaust gaskets along with gaskets for all the smaller pieces that are bolted to the valve head. This can include up to 20 or more different gaskets along with all the seals that must be put in place on moving parts like the valve stems. The reason for so many pieces in the cylinder head gasket kits on your Buick is to provide the necessary parts when the cylinder head is completely disassembled in the shop for so the surface can be planed. This will make it possible to help prevent even the smallest leak from occurring. If you do not need the entire cylinder head gasket kit, the individual gaskets and seals it contains can also be purchased individually when necessary.