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There is a Chrysler cylinder head gasket set for each engine this car maker produces today and ones made in the past. This makes it easy to seal your engine if it has to be rebuilt or you have already blown the old head gasket. With today's engines, the cylinder head gasket sets have many more components than in the past. This is because the Chrysler engines have become more complex over time. No longer is there any bolt to connection left to chance for an oil leak because even the valve cover gasket bolts now have seals. One of the leading reasons in the past for the necessity of replacing the cylinder head gasket sets is the overheating of the engine. With a section of the gasket gone from a water channel to the cylinder, not only would water leak into the combustion chamber producing white smoke, but some of the coolant can leak in the crankcase and destroy the bearings on your Chrysler. Just looking at the new Chrysler cylinder head gasket sets is enough to convince most owners of this type of vehicle that a professional should handle this repair. There is also the possibility of the head or the block would need to be planed so it would again be flat before the cylinder head gasket set should be used to seal the top of the engine. If the head and or block are not flat and they are not sent to a machine shop then the head gasket will just blow another seal within a few hundred miles. The replacing of the cylinder head gasket set is no longer a simple job where the most complicated part was the readjusting of the valves. Today's Chrysler engine is very complex and requires extensive knowledge of its inner workings by anyone that makes even the smallest repair job on it.