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There are many Dodge cylinder head gasket sets available today. Each one was designed for a specific Dodge engine, and covers all the components a mechanic would need to fix a blown head gasket and reassemble the engine so it would not leak oil or coolant. On the older engines, the cylinder head gasket sets had fewer parts. This is due to the evolution of the engines Dodge has been producing over the years. There are still a few sets with the old style cork gasket but most of the newer engines require the polymer seals and gaskets with multiple layers of steel. The change in the Dodge cylinder head gaskets sets is because of the sophistication of the engines with all of the new sensors older models do not have. This makes it possible for the new engines to be sealed just like they came from the factory. Some of the cylinder head gasket sets have seals for every component and even bolt on this part of the engine. On the older models the replacement of the cylinder head gasket sets can be done by the owner of the vehicle if they are familiar with the engine and know how to adjust the valves correctly. The new engines are more complicated so most owners take their car to a repair shop because of this. If an engine is blowing white smoke it means that it is burning water or coolant that is leaking into the cylinder head. There is a simple test that a repair shop can do to see if any exhaust gases are present in the coolant system. If they are present then this confirms the head gasket is blown on the Dodge engine and a new cylinder head gasket set will have to be put on the engine to prevent any further damage.