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Readily available are the many Ford cylinder head gasket sets for each type of engine this car and truck manufacturer produces. This not only includes current models but those from past years. They are required for repairs and when assembling the top portion of the engine. A driver should suspect a problem when there is white smoke coming from their tailpipe. This is the burning of water and coolant in the cylinders caused by a blown head gasket. This requires immediate attention to prevent any damage occurring to the engine components and the engine will then tend to constantly overheat when running. If a new cylinder head gasket set is not used, the head can become warped requiring the component to be sent to a machine shop for flattening of the surface. The replacement of the Ford cylinder head gasket set on a newer style engine has many components. This makes it possible to totally seal the moving parts on the upper end of the motor. The cylinder gasket sets for older motors from years ago have a fewer number of parts since the Ford engines were less complex with fewer sensors and emission control devices. Many Ford owners in the past replaced their own cylinder head gasket sets in their garages. With the new complexity of the Ford engines this is still possible but extensive knowledge of the motor and just where all of the parts in a gasket set are required to be placed has to be known. Much of this information can be found in a manual for your vehicle. The repair job using the cylinder head gasket set is not a fast or simple one. If you do it yourself expect to spend the day or even two accomplishing this task.