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It is the Honda cylinder head gasket set that makes it possible for the heads to be sealed to the engine block so there are no leaks of compression, oil, or coolant. The cylinder head gasket set also makes it possible to seal the joint between other engine components to the engine block so the fuel and air mixture can enter and leave the combustion chambers in an efficient manner. Included with the Honda cylinder head gasket sets are all of the components necessary to seal the top of the engine so there will be no leaks of any kind. This makes it possible for the engine to operate efficiently and keep clean. If your Honda is in need of a cylinder head gasket set, it will give you two different types of warnings. The engine could be producing white smoke out of the tailpipe. The white smoke is the result of the engine coolant being burned in the combustion chamber from a blown head gasket. The exact problem is there is now a gap in the gasket that use to separate a water jacket from a combustion chamber. If this situation is not addressed in a timely manner, the head and or engine block will become pitted. The second indication that a new cylinder head gasket set is necessary for your Honda engine is if there is coolant in the engine oil. Symptoms of a blown cylinder head gasket set of this occurring are when pressure is pushing the oil dip stick out of its tube and the oil is foaming. Both are evidence that there is coolant and a leak of the combustion chamber to an oil galley and water galley in the cylinder head. This situation is more dangerous to the health of your Honda engine because the coolant will damage the bearings of the engine.